• I'm a designer and technologist in pursuit of a material and visual world that is happier, friendlier, more tranquil, more respectful, more open-ended, more adaptable, and just plain better.
    I work full-time at Cooper Hewitt Labs, which is a tech-nerdy sort of R&D space within the Cooper Hewitt Museum. I produce videos about design, graphics for web and print, and multimedia prototypes for interface and service design concepts. I also do lots of hands-on audience research, which feeds directly into the above pursuits. To get a good feel for these projects and my thinking, check out my posts on The Labs Blog.
    I recently published a visual cookbook called Picture Cook, which has an eclectic mix of recipes conveyed entirely through infographic-like drawings. 
    I had the lucky opportunity to work with Bill Moggridge (industrial designer, co-founder of IDEO and director of Cooper Hewitt) during the last two years of his life. His people-first sensibility has thoroughly seeped its way into my mindset and work.

    I'm a native New Yorker, though bodega owners, bartenders and taxi drivers generally don't believe this fact. 

    Get in touch if you have a project or ideas to share: @interkatie on Twitter.